Say NO to Tobacco: Self-Help Tips

Saying NO to Tobacco/Cigarettes may be the Hardest thing for a Smoker/Tobacco Chewer. Despite a strong will power and determination to quit smoking, most people are not able to carry on the resolution. The strong urge, craving, withdrawal and environmental cues force a smoker/tobacco chewer to take up tobacco again. Following are a few tips to help a person overcome this urge along with medication and proper medical and psychological support.

Self help tips

  1. Identify High Relapse situations: peer pressure, mood state, environmental cues like a bar, cigarette shop, seeing some one else smoke etc
  2. Learn to manage cravings: 
    1. 5 D’s   –    
      • Distraction
      • Deep breathing
      • Drinking water
      • Delaying the urge (not now, maybe later)
      • Discuss with friend, family, spouse
    2. Chewing gum, cinnamon
    3. Urge surfing: usually an urge lasts for a short time (max 30 min). don’t fight the urge. Just acknowledge it, notice it and watch it; and it will pass without troubling you
  3. Improve problem solving and coping skills: learn to identify negative or trigger situations and work accordingly
  4. Make lifestyle changes: time management, keeping oneself busy, staying in non smoking places
  5. Motivate yourself:      
    • a) repeatedly tell yourself “I can do it”
    • b) encourage self visualisation as a Non Smoker
    • c) try to visualise the benefits of being a non smoker & give yourself some credit for the same

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